The New York City Plumber's Resource

Sprinkler Codes

Multiple Dwelling, Standpipe & Water Rules
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 General Information
Chapter 2 Water Supplies
Chapter 3 System Components
Chapter 4 Spacing, Location and Position of Sprinklers
Chapter 5 Types of Systems
Chapter 6 Outside Sprinklers for Protection Against Exposure Fires
Chapter 7 Hydraulically Designed Sprinkler Systems
Chapter 8 Pipe Schedule Systems
Chapter 9 Large-Drop and Early Suppression Fast Response (ESFR) Sprinklers
Chapter 10 Referenced Publications
Chapter 11 Appendix A
Chapter 12 Appendix B
Chapter 13 Appendix C
Chapter 14 Index
Chapter 15 Abbreviations
Chapter 16 Department of Buildings Filing Procedures
Chapter 17 Local Law of the City of New York
Chapter 18 Reference Standards Agencies and National Organizations
Chapter 19 The Modern Metric System
Chapter 20 Multiple Dwelling Rules of New York City

New York City Sprinkler Code

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